Meet Health Hero Farm

Health Hero Farm Cows on Pasture

Health Hero Farm, located on West Shore Road in South Hero is the scene of some intensive grazing for 100% grass-fed cattle.  If you take a drive past the farm you will see special meat breeds such as Angus, British White, and Devon.  These breeds finish well on grass, meaning there is no grain needed to obtain the flavorful marbling of their beef.  Grass-fed beef has nutritional advantages over beef from grain-finished cattle.  Consumer Reports has given the thumbs up to 100% grass fed beef, both for nutrition and food safety.
The farmers of this organic farm are two couples, Eric and Hannah Noel from Highgate, VT, who come to the partnership with a decade of experience in organic farming, and Joan and Bob, retired bureaucrats from the D.C. area.  They share a vision for Health Hero Farm, which is to provide wholesome food for their community through sustainable farming practices.
Health Hero Farm began selling their beef at the Champlain Island Farmers’ Markets just last year, after buying the conserved Sawyer Bay Farm at the end of 2013.  Today, the beef they process comes exclusively from calves born on the farm, nursing from their mothers and grazing with siblings on the lush, certified-organic forages resulting from careful management. The breeds they raise finish young, so that their meat is tender. 
The management techniques at Health Hero Farm involving electric cross fencing, tumble wheels, movable stock tanks and mineral feeders, increase the rate of weight gain for cattle.  This is all part of the practice of “Planned Grazing” which mimics how a free-roaming herd would have crossed the landscape hundreds of thousands of years ago.  They would have been constantly moving to new grass and bunching tightly together from the pressure of predators. 
You can find their beef at the Champlain Islands Farmers’ Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays, through their CSA, and also through their farm stand.  Their beef is available as individual cuts, packages and quarter-to-whole beef purchases.    Health Hero Farm also delivers free to homes in their delivery area – the Islands and St. Albans to Charlotte and Williston.
This Sunday, Aug 28,  from 3pm – 6pm, Health Hero Farm will host the fourth annual Lake Champlain Islands Farm and Food Festival, RAIN OR SHINE!
This is a free, family oriented event including free pizza, popcorn, farmer demos, tastings, kids activities, face painting, bicycle smoothies and more!
For further details and information about this event, please visit their  website at: to see the full festival flyer and to learn more about their farm.


Pictured in back from left are Hannah, Eric, Joan and Bob.  In front are Hannah and Eric's children.
You may recognize Joan from the Farmers' Markets.  Stop by and say hello!  Joan is an avid cyclist and enjoys handing out Island trail maps to any cyclist or helmet she sees!

Dan Kirk