Welcome to the Champlain Islands Farmers' Market Kids' Market!

dates for the 2018 Season:

Saturdays:  6/16, 7/21,8/18, 9/15 and Wednesdays: 6/27, 7/11, 8/8

What Can Kids Sell?

  •  Anything made by your hands! This includes crafts, foods and drinks.
  •  Make sure that you have price tags, or a sign that tells customers your prices.
  •  If you are selling food or drinks, it is best to have a sign that lists all of your ingredients. For example: flour, sugar, butter, cocoa. Or, if you use a box mix, bring the box so that customers can see the ingredients. They might have allergies! Items like cookies, brownies or breads must be wrapped, to keep them clean. 

When Should I Be There?

  •  Come at least 20 minutes before the market starts, to set up your display.
  •  Bring enough money and change so that you can make change for your customers.
  •  After the market ends, make sure you have time to pick up. No mess can be left behind! 

How Should I Sell My Things?

  •  You are a business person for the day – being polite is always best. Smile!
  •  Welcome customers to the Kids’ Market.
  •  Be sure to thank customers when they buy something.
  •  Customers will come to you if they want to buy. While you are selling, please stay in the Kids’ tent with your products. If you need to take a break for a few minutes, that’s okay! Just make sure someone covers for you.
  • Sometimes there are a lot of kids selling things - keeping the noise down in the Kids’ tent will help your sales! 

A note to parents or responsible adults:

  •  Let the Market Manager know that your child is planning to sell at a particular Kids’ Market, so that we can plan for space.
  •  Plan to be at the market for the duration, as the Vendors and the Market Manager are not responsible for your child’s safety, appropriate behavior or adherence to guidelines above. 
Dan Kirk