arbor farmstead.jpg

Arbor Farmstead

Arbor Farmstead grown and sells rhubarb, ground cherries, specialty herbs and edible flowers. Snow cones and sodas made with homemade syrup and our own or local fruit. Wood products including kitchenware, boxes, small wooden items and furniture.  In addition to their website, visit them on Facebook.

balsam acres logo

Balsam Acres 

Balsam Acres sells fresh fruit in season: strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, blackberries, cherries.  Jams, pickles and relishes made from our fruits and vegetables.  Fresh home-made bread. 

Blue heron farm logo

Blue Heron Farm

Blue Heron Farm  is a Certified Organic, diversified farm making fresh produce affordable at every Wednesday and Saturday market.  Vegetables, herbs, plants, seedlings, wool, yarn, eggs, chicken, lamb, pork and beef.  Pickles, pickled veggies, zucchini treats, jellies and jams. Handcrafted totes and t-shirts farm-branded.  And other surprises! Blue Heron Farm is on Facebook and Etsy.

canamack farm logo

Canamak Farm

Grass-fed beef, all cut from cattle raised on the 350 acre space of Canamak Farm.  Buy by the pound, or buy a box of assorted meats. 

Capsand Creamery

Capsand Creamery

Capsand Creamery makes and sells delicious goat milk caramels, turtles, fudge, caramel sauce, caramel apples and homemade goat soaps, goat milk lotion, beeswax lip balm, goat butter tarts. Handcrafted cotton crochet washclothes, rag baskets and block printed goat-themed cards. 

champney farms logo.jpg

Champney Farms

Champney Farms raises rabbit, quail, chicken, a variety of eggs and vegetables.

Darby Farm Logo

Darby Farm

For over 200 years, The Darby Farm has provided farm fresh products to the Islands and now to the farmers' markets.  Darby Farm offers seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as organically grown honey and oils.  Darby Farm is also on Facebook.

green acres homestead.jpg


Green Acres Homestead offers eggs, kombacha, kefir, tea, kimchee, lemonade, treenut free pesto as well as oils, herb tinctures, salves - all produced at their urban homestead in Burlington using a sustainable permaculture. Find out more at their website or follow them on Facebook.

gRHealth Hero Farm

Health Hero Farm

Health Hero Farm sells 100% grass-fed beef and Certified Organic vegetables. Health Hero Farm is proud to be certified as Animal Welfare Approved. Selecting breeds that finish well on grass and practicing holistic management intensive grazing yields delicious and nutritious steaks and burgers.  Health Hero Farm is also on Facebook.


Megan Wickenden

Flowers, bouquets and starts.

north country bees.jpg

North Country Bees

North Country Bees sells honey and beeswax products.


Paradise Bay Farm

Hand spun yarn, unique hand knit and handwoven wearable items crafted from the wool of our sheep.


Pearl house farm

Fresh and dried herbs; mushrooms.

pigasus 2.jpg

Pigasus Meats

Pigasus Meats sells locally pastured pork products and eggs. Find them also on Facebook.

Pomykala Farms

Pomykala Farms

On 70 acres of land in Grand Isle, Pomykala Farm's passion is growing beautiful fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.  It's your lucky day when they offer their seasonal frozen strawberry bars. Follow farm activities on Facebook

Pop Hero Popcorn Setup

Pop Hero Popcorn

Pop Hero Popcorn grows and sells raw and popped popcorn (kettle corn and cheddar corn) and the occasional surplus garden vegetable.  (Photo credit: Paula Bradley)

sandy bottom logo.jpg

Sandy bottom farm

Sandy Bottom Farm is  a small fruit, vegetable and herb farm located right on Isle La Motte's Main Street. We grow our produce using environmentally responsible methods--with solar electricity, natural pest management practices, and without the use of chemical fertilizers. We grow specialty varieties of certain crops, including heirloom tomatoes and miniature eggplants.

Savage Gardens Eggs Logo

Savage Gardens

Savage Gardens is a diversified family farm in North Hero, VT selling certified organic vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs, free range poultry, eggs, pork, pickles and salsa.  Prepared foods include salad dressings, artisan bread and gluten-free brownies.  Amanda has an artistic bent for making sterling silver and mixed metal jewelry. See the latest news on Facebook.

Snow Farm Vineyard logo

Snow Farm Vineyard and crescent bay farm

Vermont's first commercial vineyard, Snow Farm Vineyard was established in 1996.  Using grapes grown on our own land, we produce wines and grape jelly.   The Lane Family also runs Crescent Bay Farm, selling maple syrup, llama fiber and handknit items. See the latest on the many summer events held at the Vineyard

Vermont Maple Farm Barn

The Vermont Maple Farm

It all boils down to the best organic maple syrup and products at The Vermont Maple Farm.  Certified organic maple syrup, maple cream, maple sugar, maple candy, candied nuts, maple pepper, maple cubes. Visit them on Facebook.

Thistle Meadows Products

Thistle Meadows

Vermont made jams, jellies, fruit syrups, pickles, relishes, flavored vinegars, extracts and other canned foods and baked goods. Made with organic produce grown at Thistle Meadows.  Veggies, fruits, honey, plants, flowers.

Vermont currant products

Vermont Currant and Hell's Gate Distillery

Vermont Currant AND Hell's Gate Distillery sell a black currant specialty product line.   They offer products made with our farm grown currants and grapes -- simple syrup, vinaigrette, jam, BBQ sauce, dry rub, tea, mushrooms, garlic.  Distillery products for sale are black currant brandy and black currant liqueur. You can also find them on Facebook:  Vermont Currant and Hell's Gate Distillery.