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champlain Islands Candy Lab

Champlain Islands Candy Lab creates unique sweets by pairing innovative artisanal extracts and creative flavor combinations with classical candy making techniques. These indulgent treats are lovingly crafted in the Champlain Islands of Vermont using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. See them also on Facebook. Or, visit them at their new store at 6 South Street, South Hero, VT 05486.

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'Cuz It's Good!

'Cuz It's Good!  Udderly good grilled cheese . . . and more! Bringing you a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh baked goods for your breakfast or lunch . . . and more!

Grand Isle Pasta logo

Grand Isle Pasta

Grand Isle Pasta uses fresh, local ingredients to provide unique, delicious twists on pasta. Also find them on Facebook.

Kathy's Kitchen sign

Kathy's Kitchen

Nothing beats homemade pies, donuts, breads and other treats from Kathy's Kitchen. 

Mediterranean Mix Tent

Mediterranean Mix

Moussaka, stuffed grape leaves, and many other tasty Mediterranean dishes and desserts - yum! - all made by Mediterranean Mix.

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Our Family Treats

Our Family Treats offers cookies, coffee cakes, scones, etc. baked in their kitchen in Grand Isle, including gluten free options.

Pop Hero Popcorn Table

Pop Hero Popcorn

Pop Hero Popcorn grows and sells popcorn on the cob, shelled popping corn, and gourmet kettle corn. (Photo credit: Paula Bradley)

Time Out for Whoopie product

Time Out for Whoopie

Time Out for Whoopie is a home based bakery in Northern Vermont, specializing in Whoopie Pies.

Wally's Place Logo

Wally's Place

Basically the best bagel shop that ever existed.  Bagels, breads, rolls, cookies, etc.  Wally's Place and Deli is also on Facebook